Progressive Muscle (12 Week Lean Bulk Program)

Progressive Muscle (12 Week Lean Bulk Program)

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Everything you need to know to build lean muscle naturally. Don't become a slave to the gym, by following our proven system and focusing on progressive overload you can pack on lean muscle easier than ever!

Packing on Lean Muscle Mass requires several different stimuli to actually properly break down and rebuild strong dense muscle. Progressive muscle deploys a periodized training program that focuses on hitting the three major rep ranges (Strength, Hypertrophy, and Endurance).

Transform with Progressive Muscle

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Every Bulking Program I Tried Made Me Fat...

Once I completed my fat loss journey and got six pack abs, I was eager to pack on lean muscle.

Obviously, the next step was to hit up the ALL POWERFUL Google machine to get a sick muscle building program, right?

Couple clicks and I found the gold mine, a muscle building program that claimed "Pack on 50 lbs. of muscle this year".

The next day, I dramatically increased calories to 3,000+ per day with a heavy focus on carbs and "chasing the pump".

Now, don't get me wrong I was gaining weight and strength but the ratio of muscle gain to fat gain was not optimal.

I was simply eating too many calories, I started to research the science behind building muscle. Soon after, I learned that you can build muscle on a much smaller caloric surplus than I was told for the program.

I knew there had to be a way to strategically build muscle and gain strength without getting TOO fat.

Join thousands of people using Progressive Muscle!

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The Secrets to Building Muscle without Getting Fat

Building muscle is actually quite simple...

  • Eat more calories than your body burns each day.
  • Consume sufficient protein to build & repair muscle.
  • Be strategic about how aggressive you increase calories.

These are the principles of muscle building that I teach. Please notice how there is not any mention of eat heaps of food or focused on macro breakdown.

Strategic use of the following tools

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Carb Backloading
  • Carb Cycling
  • Reverse Dieting
  • Active Rest & Recovery Days

I go in-depth on each of these topics since I believe they are crucial for any muscle building journey.

Join thousands of people using Progressive Muscle!

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Here's What You Get with Progressive Muscle!

A complete nutrition manual on how to eat for lean muscle gains without gaining too much fat. I give you the exact formula for calculating your caloric needs and even macros such as carbs, fats, and proteins.

Access to our Support Community on Facebook with thousands of members to keep you accountable.

Join thousands of people using Progressive Muscle!

Join thousands of people using Rapid Fat Loss!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need access to a gym? What equipment is required?

Enable to build muscle, your body needs to perform resistance training which can be achieved by either weights or just your sheer bodyweight. Ideally, you will have access to a full gym but if you have the following equipment that works as well. Most coaching clients see best results when using weights, benches, barbells, dumbbells, and machines.

If you do not have access to any kind of gym, we can definitely build a custom bodyweight program.

Can I do this even if I am a complete beginnner?

Simple answer is yes, it does not matter what your current experience level is at. I do not do competition based coaching since I have never competed nor would I feel comfortable guiding someone who desires that.

Inside the program, everything is laid out for a hassle-free experience. You'll have support & accountability from the Fit N Simple team.

And most importantly, you will have scheduled check in calls with me to review any questions.

How long will it take to see the results?

This program is catered and handcrafted to induce the most powerful change in improving your body and developing the perfect ratios.

Given that this program is extremely laser-focused and strategic based on your unique goals, you will start to see results very quickly. Within the first 2 weeks, you will look better. You'll put on muscle quickly and your body will start to become firm and dense.

Building an amazing body is a process and you certainly can’t binge eat yourself to a lean body. You have to follow a sensible strategy that works with your body to put on minimal fat, increase strength and support amazing changes.

Does the program have meal plans included?

This program is designed to give you the most freedom possible. Simply put, I will be teaching you how to calculate your macros and build a sustainable eating style.

We prefer giving you the tools to calculate the amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat that you need in your diet on a daily basis to achieve your goals. You can achieve this with your favorite foods, which makes reaching your ultimate goals practically effortless.

If you would prefer a meal plan, I can definitely sketch out a rough outline but traditionally, most people who follow strict meal plans fail to stick with it.

Join thousands of people using Progressive Muscle!

Join thousands of people using Rapid Fat Loss!

My Final Message to YOU

I started Fit N Simple back in my shitty dorm room in 2016 with the sole purpose to bring simplicity to fitness. I've literally put thousands of hours into researching training techniques and testing them on myself. Everything you need to know about fat loss is in this program so you can save time and achieve your fat loss goals. If you take just one thing away from all the info above, it's the fact that building muscle can be extremely fun and obtainable.


If you were to work with me one-on-one, you would have to pay close to 10x the cost of this program since my time is very limited. I would hate to restrict this info to just the people who could afford that hefty price tag... That goes against my entire mission to help others get an incredible shape while building sustainable habits.


To put this into perspective, $14.99 is the cost of a sushi date, a tank of gas, or half a shoe.


$14.99 to get in the best shape of your life.


I am laser-focused on helping you achieve your best body ever. I know what it's like to lack confidence and feel uncomfortable in your own body. That's no way to go about life, f*ck that.


Because I am so confident you will love this program and it's ability to transform your life & body. I am offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Yup, you read that right. If you feel like you wasted your money, send me an email to and I will personally refund your order.


Last thing, I hope you guys are excited because I sure am. I'll see you in program!


Austin Witte | Founder of Fit N Simple

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