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2. Benefits → Enhanced Focus. No Crash. Better Workouts

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“Consistency in the gym is always tough. Our personalized blend of ingredients takes into account all aspects of your fitness journey to give you just the right amount of the ingredients you need to crush your workouts without any of the crash. If your workouts don’t improve we will give you your money back, easy as that.

4. How it Works

→ Workout Blends Formulated For You

→ Every month we'll send you personalized, workout formulas to help you take your fitness to the next level

Identify Key Fitness Goals - Get Personalized Blend - Crush Your Workouts

“Take our quiz to find the perfect blend of ingredients to elevate your workouts” - “Get a custom made blend that takes into account your fitness goals and caffeine tolerances” - “Increase Performance with heightened Focus and Endurance, without the crash.”

5. Better Together

→ “A Match Made In Heaven”

→ “We combine natural caffeine with L-Theanine, an amino acid commonly found in green tea to provide a synergistic effect - this greatly increases cognition and attention without the crash. Seriously, this combo is super powerful. (input some graphic in the middle)

6. “Our Blends”

→ The X Factors

→ These ingredients, when blended properly are going to elevate your fitness journey

→ L-Citrulline Malate

Increase blood flow and oxygen production for greater performance

→ Caffeine

Powerful stimulant to increase strength and endurance.

→ L-Theanine

Synergistic effect when combined with caffeine to prevent the unwanted crash

→ Ready To CRUSH Your Workouts?

Explore our blends, each crafted to help you gain that edge in whatever your workouts goals are

Epic Blend - Catalyst Blend

→ EPIC Blend → “Noticeably heightened energy and focus so you can crush workouts without the crash.”

→ CATALYST Blend → “Sustained moderate energy that helps you zone in during your workout without the crash”